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Let's find your dream home! We're here to guide you through the process. Every step of the way.
Steps to buying a home
Steps to buying a home
make a list of your wants and needs to stay focused on your home search
home style
try to find a house that can work for your present and future needs
price point
It is extremely helpful to have a price range with a minimum and maximum you are willing to pay
choosing the right location is crucial to consider when buying a home
First get pre approved before looking for a home
pre approved and pre qualified are two different things
home loan application checklist
to determine loan eligibility lenders require the following documents
income such as paycheck, tax returns, social security, retirement, child support and anything extra
assets such as bank statements, retirement, other assets like ira or stocks and bonds
other items include drivers license, social security card, address for last 2 years, student loans
finding your dream home
create a list of what you want and what you need in a home
investigate the area
ask around
keep an open mind
take pictures and notes
be ready to make an offer
common home buyer mistakes
not understanding the full cost of ownership
getting too emotional
shopping before getting pre approved
emptying your savings
choosing the wrong lender
buying or selling a home is no small feat and its one of the biggest financial decisions you make
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