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get ready to sell we're here to guide you through the process every step of the way
step one meet the agent
step two determine price
step three prepare home for sale
step four list and market home
step five receive offers and negotiate
step six inspection and Apprasial
step seven closing
when you sell your home don't do it alone. use an experienced professional through the process
why consider a realtor
loads of experience
realtors have expertise to help you prepare a killer deal while avoiding delays
hardcore negotiating skills
turbocharged searching power
realtors have access to more listings and are able to help find hidden gems
realtors are professional negotiators that are on your side to help get you the best deal
realtors make it their mission to know just about everyone during the processes of buying or selling
strict code of ethics
realtors have a strict code of ethics they must adhere to
multiple hats
realtors wear multiple hats during a transaction
homeowners who sell their homes on their own typically generate $46,000 less than with an agent
sales power
agents evaluate your home and suggest improvements to get you maximum value.
advice after closing
and experienced realtor will continue to support you when questions come up after closing
pre listing preparation
step 1 schedule a tour of your home with your agent
step 2 discuss any potential repairs or upgrades with your agent
step 3 establish an asking price
step 4 prepare your home to be photographed
pricing your home to sell
the market value of your home is based on a combination of factors including the following
current market, comparable listings, location, neighborhood, age of home, condition, improvements
pricing strategy plays a role in the sale, and can mean the difference between selling right away
remember the amount you want for your home may not be a realistic price for the market
a home that is priced at a fair market value will attract more buyers and more likely to sell
top five ways to prep your home to sell fast
1 start with the right price
2 depersonalize and minimalize
3 clean, clean, and clean some more
5 be ready and willing to show
4 make home maintenance a priority
listing and market
when we list your home your listing will receive maximum exposure using our marketing techniques
mls listing
lock box and showings
open house
ready to get started

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